Nobody can deny that Valve is serious about Steam for Linux after recent Half Life series and Counter Strike releases for the platform. Valve obviously wants to push this with even more intensity. Indeed, today's featured item is a big Tux with a cake, and 50% to 70% off on all Linux games.

The Steam client became officially available since yesterday, and also downloadable from the Ubuntu Software Center as a huge bonus for Ubuntu users. It's still claiming best experience on Ubuntu, but I'm pretty sure other distributions will get it working one way or the other.

The screenshot above shows how Valve celebrates the happy event. This is, indeed, a happy day for a Linux gamer, and a light at the end of a very long tunnel called "we want quality titles on Linux".

The only odd bit is... This is actually taking place on a Windows. As if the big image of Tux on Windows client download page wasn't enough, we now have an big Tux on the most prominent place there can be: featured item on both Windows client and official page.

I used to believe that, while Linux gaming would become quite popular for sure, it would still take a few years to get there. With Valve pushing as hard as it does, though, I think it may actually take a lot less time.