Cyber Monday Python Sales

from Trey Hunner

Dec 2, 2019, 10:00:00 AM

I’m running a sale that ends in 24 hours, but I’m not the only one. This post is a compilation of the different Cyber Monday deals I’ve found related to Python and Python learning.

Python Morsels, weekly skill-building for professional Pythonistas

Python Morsels is my weekly Python skill-building service.

I’m offering something sort of like a “buy one get one free” sale this year.

You can pay $200 to get 2 redemption codes, each worth 12 months of Python Morsels.

You can use one code for yourself and give one to a friend. Or you could be extra generous and give them both away to two friends. Either way, 2 people are each getting one year’s worth of weekly Python training.

You can find more details on this sale here.

Data School’s Machine Learning course

Kevin Markham of Data School is selling his “Machine Learning with Text in Python” course for $195 (it’s usually $295). You can find more details on this sale on the Data School Black Friday post.

Talk Python Course Bundle

Michael Kennedy is selling a bundle that includes every Talk Python course for $250.

There are 20 courses included in this bundle. If you’re into Python and you don’t already own most of these courses, this bundle could be a really good deal for you.

Reuven Lerner’s Python courses

Reuven Lerner is offering a 50% off sale on his courses. Reuven has courses on Python, Git, and regular expressions.

This sale also includes Reuven’s Weekly Python Exercise, which is similar to Python Morsels, but has its own flavor. You could sign up for both if you want double the weekly learning.

Real Python courses

Real Python is also offering $40 off their annual memberships. Real Python has many tutorials and courses as well.

PyBites Code Challenges

Bob and Julian of PyBites are offering their a 40% discount off their Newbie Bites on their PyBites Code Challenges platform.

If you’re new to Python and programming, check out their newbie bites.

Other Cyber Monday deals?

If you have questions about the Python Morsels sale, email me.

The Python Morsels sale and likely all the other sales above will end in the next 24 hours, probably sooner depending on when you’re reading this.

So go check them out!

Did I miss a deal that you know about? Link to it in the comments!