Python Cyber Monday Sales 2020

from Trey Hunner

Nov 27, 2020, 9:20:00 PM

This post is a compilation of different Cyber Monday deals I’ve found related to Python and Python learning.

Python Morsels weekly screencasts

Let’s get the self-promotion out of the way first.

I announced a couple days ago that you can now get one year of Python screencasts as well as mini-blog posts for $50/year (with at least one new screencast each week). This also includes one Python exercise each month. I haven’t set a concrete end date to this “sale” (it’s actually more of a newly announced service that will be increasing in price in early 2021).

You can find my article on the Python Morsels screencasts sale here.

Talk Python course bundle

You can get every Talk Python course that’s been made so far for just $250. There’s 28 courses currently and the bundle also includes courses published through October 2021.

PyBites sales

PyBites is offering PyBites Premium+ Access for 2 months for $24 and Introductory Bites Course for $15 (both effectively 70% off) during their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

Reuven Lerner’s Python courses and exercises

Reuven Lerner is offering 40% off all his products (Python courses, Weekly Python Exercises, and product bundles) through Monday.

Matt Harrison’s Modern Python workshop

Matt Harrison’s Modern Python workshop is $500 (50%) off through Monday with coupon code EARLYBIRD and and his other courses (including Python data science and pandas courses) are 40% off through Monday with code BLACKFRIDAY.

Speed Up Your Django book

Adam Johnson’s Speed Up Your Django book is 50% off through Monday. Python Morsels is a Django-powered site and I could use this book, so I’ll be buying a copy for myself as well.

Mike Driscoll’s Python books

Mike Driscoll is offering a sale on all his Python books (each is $15 or less during the sale).

Brian Okken’s Pytest book (Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Pragmatic Bookshelf is offering 40% off all books with the code turkeysale2020, including Brian Okken’s Pytest book which is just under $15 with the coupon.

No Starch Press Python books

No Starch Press is also running a 33% off sale on their Python books (with books by Al Sweigart, Eric Matthes, and many others), though the sale ends before Monday.

Real Python subscription

Real Python is offering an annual subscription for $200/year and 20% of that goes to the Python Software Foundation.

Pluralsight subscription

We’re now moving into “I’m really not actually sure what you’re getting” sales. Pluralsight is running a Black Friday sale this year: $180/year for a subscription. I’m not sure whether this is one year for $180 but the subscription renews at the regular price of $300/year or whether it’s $180/year indefinitely (the fact that they don’t specify is a bit concerning).

100 Days of Code Python and other Udemy courses

There’s a 100 Days of Code Python course course on sale for just $13 on Udemy through mid next week. I haven’t heard anything about it but it looks like it includes a lot.

There are also various other Udemy Python courses on sale, like Automate The Boring Stuff, though many of these sales end within the next 24 hours (through Black Friday only).

Lots of courses, books, screencasts, exercises, live workshops on sale

Don’t go too wild on sales.

I know that I wouldn’t want anyone subscribing to Python Morsels unless they think they’ll actually commit at least an hour over the next year to watch screencasts. I imagine many other Python educators feel similar about purchases that go to waste.

Look through the sales above and think about what you could use. What works well with the way you learn and what would you actually make a habit to use after you’ve purchased it?

If you have a question about the Python Morsels screencasts/exercises, email me. If you have questions about other sales, email the folks running those sales (make sure to do it now in case they take a day or two to get back to you).

Also if you’ve found other Python sales I’ve missed above, please comment or email me to let me know about them.